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Christian Meyer: Artistic Director
Mari Kodama: Music Director
Katie Balestreri: Administrative Director
Will Connolly: Administrative Coordinator
Kenneth Johnson: Artistic Administrator and Advisor
Marckus Thorensen: Principal Editor and Program Notes
Yen Bachmeier: Archivist
Kent Nagano: Artistic Advisor


Musical Days in Forest Hill is made possible through the generosity of many in the community.
We are extremely grateful to the following individuals, organizations, and businesses.
for their sponsorship and assistance in supporting the festival:

Organizations and Businesses
The Austrian Cultural Forum, New York - Mr. Christoph Thun-Hohenstein
The German Consulate - The Honorable Bernd and Mrs. Westphal

The Forest Hill Association
The Forest Hill Garden Club

Chouchou P‚tisserie Artisanale & French Bistro
Kendall-Jackson Wines
Knightís Catering
Hamburg Steinway B and Piano Technical Service, Pro Piano San Francisco
San Francisco Wine Trading Company
Sonoma Cheese Factory

In-Kind Gifts
Martha Angove and Carl Kaufman
Yen and Mel Bachmeier
Katie and John Balestreri
Lisa Brussell
Jerome Dodson
Doug and Kathleen Fong
Lynn and Donald Glaser
Nelda Kilguss
Sally and Philip Kipper
Lillian Kwok
Jutta and Dirk Lammerts
Inge Lehman
Christo Logan
Robert and Shawn Magnuson
Eva and Mike Monroe
Eleanor Rogers
Marc and Eva Stern

Host Families
Yen and Mel Bachmeier
Katie and John Balestreri
David Brown and Leslie Obourn
Ken Johnson and Nina Grove
Linda and David Kapnick
Donata and Kirke Mechem
Charlene Padovani Mitchell
Eva and Mike Monroe
Janine and John Wilson