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Alexander Burggasser
Wenzel Fuchs
Peter Josheff
Mari Kodama
Momo Kodama
Vincent Lucas
Jens Peter Maintz
Marc Marder
Frances Lee McCain
Dr. Christian Meyer
Kevin Neuhoff
Hartmut Rohde
Kurt Rohde
Martin Zalodek

Martin Zalodek
1st Violin

Martin Zalodek was born in 1971 in Vienna and began his study of the violin at the Vienna University of Music with Ernst Kovacic in 1985.

He continued his studies in 1988 with Alfred Staar and won the first prize at the Austrian National Competition in Leoben with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

A first violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra since 1993, Zalodek also performs as a soloist with different chamber music ensembles.

He is first violinist of the Auris Quartet and performs with members of the Vienna Symphony as well as with the Camerata Danubia. He is concertmaster of the Wiener Schubert Ensemble.

On concert tours throughout Europe and Asia, Zalodek has performed in Barcelona, Tokyo, Salzburg, etc. He plays on an instrument made by the Italian Master Iofredo Kappa in 1695.